Steel fibre is designed for the micro-reinforcing of concrete. Steel fibres may be used as homogeneous fibre reinforcement especially for concretes used for industrial flooring and transport surfaces, as well as in non-structural prefabricated elements.

25 to 35 kg of steel 1/50 fibres per cubic metre of concrete may be added depending on the designed characteristics of the concrete.

Natural aggregates with grain diameters up to 16 mm may be used in concretes with steel fibres. The class of concrete should be no lower than B25.

Size of steel fibre

  • ø 0,8mm x 50 mm
  • ø 1mm x 50 mm
  • ø 1mm x 40 mm
  • Packed in bags or boxes weight 25 kg

Pallet is covered with stretch film and film hoods.