About Us

As Manufacturing, Trading and Service Company that was converted in 1999 we are recognized and appreciated brand.

Our products are producted in accordance with applicable regulations, with properties confirmed by technical approval of Constraction Technology and certificates of quality.

In our website we present regular production offer.

  • timeliness

  • durability, reliability and aesthetic

  • competitive prices

  • professionalism and accuracy

Our offer

Steel fibre

Steel fibre is designed for the micro-reinforcing of concrete. Steel fibres may be used as homogeneous fibre reinforcement especially for concretes used for industrial flooring and transport surfaces, as well as in non-structural prefabricated elements.


Welded meshes

Welded meshes are manufactured from mild-steel or zinc-coated wire.
400-600 welded meshes can be fitted on the pallet depending the diameter of wire.


Annealed wire, straightened and cut to size

We produce non-galvanised wires.
Diameter of wire that we produce is from Ø 0,8mm to Ø 5 mm.
Offered wire is ‘made-up’ into coils or straightened and cut to size.


Fencing panels,
Gates and gateways

Panel fencing and industrial fencing system STAL-POL is a perfect solution for industrial buildings, squares, warehouses and car parks.


Woven nets,
Forest fencing, accessories

Woven net is a very popular and frequently used material for the construction of fences. We offer galvanised and PVC coated mesh.

Individual orders for special sizes of the woven nets is possible.


Ribbed meshes

Ribbed meshes